Payton Smith has a passion for music that has driven astonishing accomplishments over the last few years. This down home southern boy from Louisiana is the newest country music artist you should know about! 

Payton's aspirations of becoming a recording artist led him to write his first song at age 13.  A year later, on a family vacation to Nashville, TN, he was offered the opportunity to pursue his dream. A makeshift performance in downtown Nashville on the first night of that vacation led to an introduction and opportunity to play his songs for renowned producer, Buddy Cannon. 

Cannon, a hit songwriter and producer who has produced numerous platinum records for Kenny Chesney, conveyed his belief that Payton was a special talent.  Payton started making frequent trips to Nashville and was introduced to some of the hottest writers within the Nashville songwriting community.  They quickly embraced him as one of their own, and Payton had offers being presented within those first several months at the tender age of 14.

Three years later, now living in Nashville with his family, Payton is a senior in high school and works hard at balancing school, time with friends and family, and his passion for music. At 17, with a distinguished creative team and famed music business executives on his side, Payton is poised to bring his music to fans. His soulful vocals, distinct song style, and dynamic performances are sure to have listeners feeling his passion and yearning for more.


Recent quote:

“Payton Smith is one of the most exciting young singers, musicians and songwriters I have ever encountered. He hit the Nashville streets running at the age of 14 years old and now, at 17, is developing into the music artist I believe will soon be the leader of the pack”-

Producer Buddy Cannon




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